its time to hit the road!






As you can see from the top picture, the original interior was plain, bland boring and brown. Since we knew we would be living in such a small space for several years, it was very important to us that the interior was fun, cheerful and durable.

Each section of the interior has a slightly different look through variations on color, texture, material and lighting. That way, when we are in different parts of the RV it feels like we are in different “rooms”. So, for example, the bedroom area is separated from the rest of the house with a colorful curtain but the bed area itself  has a cool, relaxing brocade fabric treatment. On the other hand,  the dining area has a bright colorful theme.


The nasty old countertops in both the bathroom and kitchen were removed and replaced with new wood and new WilsonArt laminate from Laminate Countertops in Houston.  The old plastic edging was replaced with bright, tough countertop edging from Orange Aluminum.  The edging gives the kitchen area a look that is both modern and retro.

The original gross plastic sink in the bathroom area was replaced with a shiny new Heng’s stainless steel sink.  It’s very easy to keep clean and it looks great.

Both the bathroom and kitchen faucets were replaced with new high-reach fixtures from Lowes.  A sprayer was added to the kitchen to help conserve water during dish-washing.

For the sake of water safety, a reverse-osmosis water filtration  tap was added.  The filter is very welcome because the water quality can vary quite a bit from campground to campground.  And, really, who needs a bad case of dysentery on the road?

Copper backsplashes were added to both the bathroom sink and the stove. It looks cool and helps with clean-up, too.




The entire interior was scrubbed, primed with Glidden Gripper and painted with top-quality Behr Marquee paint.  We used a Wagner power-sprayer which gave great results but it was such a hassle!  It was worth it, though because the paont looks smooth, crisp and professional.  Jars of the original paint are included with the sale in case you ever need to do any touch-ups.


Heavy upholstery fabrics from Hancock Fabrics were also applied to different sections of the RV to give each corner a unique feel as if each section was a different room in a house. The dining area has a colorful aviary pattern while the bedroom has a cool, hip brocade. The front deck is covered in a custom-made curtain in bright, modern colors.  These additions have made living full-time in such a small space very easy.

The fabrics have all been treated with professional-grade Scotch Guard so they’ll stay clean and bright for years to come.

Colors were applied to the old fake-woodgrain vinyl trim and new color added to the range hood, heater vents ceiling fixtures such as the a/c return grille, heater outlets, kitchen vent and bathroom vent.

We removed all of the old fake-woodgrain vinyl trim and replaced it with brightly-colored edging.   Aluminum trim was installed along the driver’s compartment bulkhead.  It looks very cool.


It was important to us that everywhere you look in the motorhome, there is a little visual treat.  So, throughout the coach you will find a variety of knobs, pulls and handles to brighten up your day.


The old, ugly stick-on floor tiles were removed and the entire floor replaced with easy-care Armstrong vinyl from Home Depot. In order to continue our plan to give each section of the RV it’s own “space”, the bathroom sink area floor  is covered in heavy industrial carpet with custom aluminum borders. This carpet was also added to the floor of the dinette slide.


We weren’t sure what to do with the “overhang” part of the motorhome, also known as the “deck” or “bunk”.  We mostly used it for storage but for the sale we’ve converted it into a cozy little sleeping area with nice LED lighting and a TV.  It’s probably too small for an adult, unless it’s a small adult but it’s a good size for kids and dogs.


The original bathroom was pretty nasty.

So we started from scratch by removing the entire shower and toilet. The new bathroom was built around  a heavy-duty soaking tub from ICON through Amazon. $250 value.

The tub is enclosed by a Lippert shower surround from Amazon. It’s anybody’s guess as to why a few pounds of molded ABS plastic is this pricey, but it is.

The old shower curtain and rod  was replaced with an Irvine pleated vinyl divider which keeps in water and steam – perfect for showering on a cold day!

After all the work and expense, we think it was definitely worth it!  We are actually surprised at how much we use the tub!  It’s perfect for soaking tired feet at the end of the day.

You can take extended showers thanks to the Oxygenics BodySpa Chrome Shower head that we added. Yes, it does reduce the water flow quite a bit but you’ll use way less hot water and fill up the grey tank less often.

The new tub also has the added benefit of providing much-needed storage space underneath. This is perfect for storing bathroom cleaning supplies, toilet paper, tank deodorizers, etc.

Finally, we added new washable vinyl wallpaper, heavy vinyl sheeting around the toilet(for easy cleaning), new towel rack, pretty LED lighting and new ceiling carpet.


A brand-new toilet has been installed because making someone use your old RV toilet is just disgusting, isn’t it?


The bathroom sink vanity light is a from a vintage 1967 Scotty Trailer!  The lights inside the fixture are high-quality  LED bars from IKEA. The LED bars use less power than the old incandescent bulbs, put out great light with very little heat and should last for many years to come.


We found these crazy-cool vintage trailer lights at a thrift shop in Havre, Montana.  They are completely independent and positionable.  We were almost going to move these lights to our new RV but they look so great in the Fleetwood we decided to leave them as-is.


The regular RV lights that came with the coach were all yellowed and cracked.  So we made custom lights out of candy dishes, LEDs and LED switches.  These lights put out no heat and consume very little power.  New standard RV lights have been added to the kitchen sink and deck areas.


This RV has WAAAAAYYYYY more storage than you could possibly imaging for an motorhome that’s only 27 feet long.




You can see just how much we changed the interior!