its time to hit the road!




We’ve done our best to faithfully and accurately represent this motorhome. All known defects and issues have been disclosed. However, since this is a used RV, we cannot possibly know any future issues this motorhome might have. Therefore, no warranty is offered or implied. No guarantees of any kind are made. No refunds will be issued for any reason.


Parking brake has a minor leak. This leak affects ONLY the auxiliary parking brake. It’s been this way from day one. A while back we bought a replacement parking brake along with a gasket and ten fancy-ass genuine Ford bolts with the intention of replacing it when we got back to Austin. But our RV mechanic in Austin said it was easier to simply add a few squirts of fluid to the brake every few months. So that’s what we’ve been doing and we would suggest you do the same. However, we are including the replacement brake, gasket and fancy-ass Ford bolts if you decide you want to replace it.

The windshield washer doesn’t work. It never did. I don’t know why. I’ve never looked in to it. Wipers work fine.

The radio face-plate is missing. We always talk when driving across the country so it never mattered to us. A new radio is included, though.

The oven’s pilot light has to be lit manually.

The black tank level sensors are not always accurate. Empty the tank once a week and you’ll be fine.

We’ve never had any issues with roof leaks but there is evidence that at some point before we bought the coach there was a leak in the wall  behind the driver’s seat. This probably happened long before we came on the scene.


Obviously, any interested purchasing party is free to examine the motorhome as they wish. Third-party inspections are welcome as long as they are from a licensed, bonded commercial RV inspection service. Your Uncle Earl, no matter how much he knows about cars, doesn’t count. ALL INSPECTIONS MUST TAKE PLACE ON-SITE – NO EXCEPTIONS. We hate to do this but a few years back we had a supposed professional RV inspector take our 1986 SunRader Camper on an all-day 75-mile joyride and somehow managed to damage the exhaust. We’re not going through that again.


We are asking $29,500 for the Fleetwood Jamboree 26J. No trades of any kind will be considered.


We accept cash and cashier checks drawn in-person from a local branch of a major bank such as Wells Fargo or Bank Of America. Buyers using Wells Fargo will be given priority, particularly when it comes to negotiating a better price. Cash offers have the most priority and negotiation room. Absolutely no other payment methods will be accepted.

Once we’ve agreed on a price, we will go to the issuing bank together and have a cashier’s check drawn in my name. Again, buyers using Wells Fargo will receive a better price. Once payment has been completed, I will sign over all documents including a clean title, bill of sale, all relevant documents and hand you the keys.

The sale will include everything you need to get on your way including towels, bedding, dishes, cups, flatware, cookware, and cooking utensils. Also included: a free TV, sewer hose, tank chemicals, water hose and pressure regulator, leveling blocks, leveling jack, extra oil, fluids, a 12-ton jack and a NEW Panasonic car radio!

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